I had a very nice Commodore 1084S-P monitor. Not because it looks nice, but because it has all the inputs I need: for Amiga's, for C64/VIC20 and also for C128 40- and 80-column.

I was very displeased to discover it stopped working: no display. And I heard some noise, not high pitch but lower frequency. After reading this post on EAB I decided to go for a new Line transformer and Horizontal Output transistor.

I ordered both items at Dönberg Electronics in Ireland. For this particualr monitor you need the HR 7506 and the BU 508AF. It turned out is was really simple to remove the old components by first removing the mainboard assembly completely from the monitor. This is done by discoupling some connectors. (De)soldering of the Line transformer is quite easy because of the space that is available. The legs of the new transformer did not align 100% but that was easy remedied by bending them a little bit. After installing the two components and reassemble the monitor I had to adjust the two controllers on the Line transformer to get a focussed and crisp display. I also had to adjust the colors with the adjusters on the tube neck board. Everything is fine now!

The position of the Line transformer:

The removed old Line transformer with the box of the new one:

The position of the BU 508AF with it's clip to cool:

The result:

The PSU of my VIC-20 died and so I had to find a new one. As my VIC has a two-prong connector this is more hard to find. Searching the internet I came across this forum-thread on Denial. It says that a two-prong PSU is nothing more than a transformer with a fuse. All logic is inside the VIC. It tells you can even use a simple AC/DC adapter with an output of somewhere between 9 and 12V, 3A.

So I cut the two-prong cable from the old PSU and soldered it to the output lead of a 12V 2A AC/DC adapter and the result is perfect.


Over the years I have acquired a lot of Commodore machines. As I get older and older I asked myself what to do with them. My children and grandchildren are not interested in these old machines. So I decided to sell a lot of them and only keep a few. Those that I want to keep for the time being are:

  • A4000D with Cyberstorm II 060, Cybergraphics 64/3D and X-surf 100
  • A1000 with A1060 Sidecar
  • A600 with Vampire V2
  • A500 (my original first Amiga ever)
  • VIC-20
  • Commodore C-128D with RAM expansion

I sold already my A3000D, one A600 and several C-64 and Commodore 264 series machines as well as my complete CDTV-setup. I have an A2000 with GVP 030 accelerator/SCSI, Picasso II and 2286 Bridgeboard and an A500plus still for sale.

If there's one new periferal for the Amiga 500 I can recommend without hesitation it's the ACA500+ from Individual Computers. Among the specifications is 8MB RAM, 2 Compact Flash connectors and a few expansion ports. One can be used to connect a Amiga 1200 expansion, e.g. an accelerator card. I have connected a Blizzard 1230 IV and it works like a charm. Price is € 135,00 which I think is very affordable; bang for the bucks!

But... Individual Computers does not recommend this setup. Use in an A1000 is not supported and could damage the ACA500+. You've been warned!