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Amiga 4000 motherboard overhaul

Last month I discovered that the sound of my Amiga 4000 desktop computer did not work. The battery backed clock also did not keep the right time any more. Time to get it overhauled. As I do not have enough skills for this I asked in the A1k.org forums for someone to carry this out. Luckily it was the user milo who wanted to do that for me.

As you can see from the pictures below (before and after) he did a terrific job in a very short time and did'nt ask too much for it. Recommended.
He used ceramic capacitors in stead of the usual electrolytic ones. These ceramic capacitors cannot leak. He also replaced the battery with a coin type.  I'm very happy with the result. Thanks milo!

IECWriteD64 does not work

If you own an Amiga and a C64 you can share files using Easy1541. With a special cable you can hook up a 1541 disk drive to an Amiga and format disks, copy files to and from etc. You also can write d64 images to a real floppy using the command IECWriteD64. The problem I have is that this does not work anymore. And I have no clue why. I also cannot format disks. 

If there's anybody that can shed some light, please comment!

Replace battery from Amiga 4000

The battery of my Amiga 4000D is 8 years old. I replaced it in 2006 when the original battery failed and made some damage to the mainboard. That's why you can see a wire from the upper to the backside of the mainboard.

So I thought it's time to prevent damage again by replacing the battery at this time.