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IECWriteD64 does not work

If you own an Amiga and a C64 you can share files using Easy1541. With a special cable you can hook up a 1541 disk drive to an Amiga and format disks, copy files to and from etc. You also can write d64 images to a real floppy using the command IECWriteD64. The problem I have is that this does not work anymore. And I have no clue why. I also cannot format disks. 

If there's anybody that can shed some light, please comment!

Replace battery from Amiga 4000

The battery of my Amiga 4000D is 8 years old. I replaced it in 2006 when the original battery failed and made some damage to the mainboard. That's why you can see a wire from the upper to the backside of the mainboard.

So I thought it's time to prevent damage again by replacing the battery at this time.

Amiga CDTV Monitor [2]

Well, the story ends here for the moment. I tried to swap the contents of the two monitors I had. This seemed successful but in the end, when I wanted to close the back, it didn't fit. The new motherboard is 10 mm shorter and 5 mm wider than the old motherboard. So the sub-D connector cannot reach the connector on the motherboard and I cannot use this monitor. Will try to get a beige 1084S-D2 monitor and try again.