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C128 PSU

I have several C64 and VIC-20 computers nut only one working PSU. These PSU's seem to get faulty after so many years. They even can ruin your computer. So I searched the internet for a decent replacement. A C128 PSU is a good choice because it can handle more Watts than a C64 PSU while having the same output voltage. Of course it needs a different connector.
The one I could buy is a black PSU for a C128 I never saw before:

Amiga 500 Plus rework [1]

So I had an A500 Plus lying around for quite some years. And I thought it would be nice if this machine would boot! It hadn't since I bought it. And indeed it didn't boot now either.

An A500 Plus has a battery which I removed immediately after I bought this computer. But the damage was already done. I now had the guts to inspect this further and I noticed that the pins of Gary (a controller chip) were badly corroded. After a good clean there was still no boot, no display, nothing. But when I pushed hard on Gary, there would be some display, mostly green, white or yellow. As some of you might know, this gives an indication of the problem. I decided to remove the socket of Gary although I'm not very skilled at (de)soldering. And it was not very easy. Using a desoldering pump and desoldering wick I managed to get it of, but it cost me hours. You see the result in the picture.

Then I tried to hunt for broken traces, which also is very time consuming. Using a magnifying glass and a schematic I only found one damaged trace. I ordered a new socket and we will see in the next part if I manage to get this chip and the computer working again. Or that I have to hunt for more faults on the motherboard.

IECWriteD64 does not work

If you own an Amiga and a C64 you can share files using Easy1541. With a special cable you can hook up a 1541 disk drive to an Amiga and format disks, copy files to and from etc. You also can write d64 images to a real floppy using the command IECWriteD64. The problem I have is that this does not work anymore. And I have no clue why. I also cannot format disks. 

If there's anybody that can shed some light, please comment!

Replace battery from Amiga 4000

The battery of my Amiga 4000D is 8 years old. I replaced it in 2006 when the original battery failed and made some damage to the mainboard. That's why you can see a wire from the upper to the backside of the mainboard.

So I thought it's time to prevent damage again by replacing the battery at this time.