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PV544 out of storage

This week I moved the van into storage and the PV544 out of it.
There was some work to do: The indicators were very weak and the windscreen washer did not function at all. As these functions are mandatory at the periodical legal test so I had to repair these immediately. This is a 6V car you know...

I cleaned some ground wires at the battery and the fusebox and all was well with the indicators, but the control light on the dashboard did not work. I tried to repair the flasher but eventually it got bad. So I ordered a replacement, which is also suited for LED's. I may replace some bulbs for LED's if that is going to work with 6V.
The gears in the pump for the washer were full of lime and I had to dismantle it fully to get it functioning again.

A500 Plus Rework [2]

I have replaced the socket for Gary. When I try to boot the A500 Plus I immediately get a green screen, which means Bad RAM. But it can also mean that the RAM isn't accessible, because of for instance a bad Agnus or Gary. So I rechecked the traces coming from Gary. I couldn't find any fault. As I cannot think of any other cause I will leave the machine for the moment. I might buy an A500 Plus board I saw for sale.

C128 PSU

I have several C64 and VIC-20 computers nut only one working PSU. These PSU's seem to get faulty after so many years. They even can ruin your computer. So I searched the internet for a decent replacement. A C128 PSU is a good choice because it can handle more Watts than a C64 PSU while having the same output voltage. Of course it needs a different connector.
The one I could buy is a black PSU for a C128 I never saw before: