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Commodore MPS-1230 printer [3]

I did some tests with a Commodore 128. It prints listings fine. Printing from GEOS works good, even graphical prints. The aspect ratio is off, but that may be a driver problem. Printing from GEOS in NLQ leaves out all spaces. Will also be a driver problem I guess.

All in all I am very pleased with the MPS-1230.

Commodore MPS-1230 printer [2]

The printer arrived today. It does the selftest, but the needles sometimes stick. After a few selftests this was resolved. Now I don't get any characters on paper because the ribbon is dry. The supplied spare one is dry also. So the next step is to get some good inkribbons!

To temporarily revive the ribbon I used some WD40 as stated on some websites and I can confirm that this does work!

Found these ribbons at the online Staples store. It's the same ribbon as for the Olivetti DM 100 printer. The Olivetti product id. is 82556. So I ordered three of these.

Commodore MPS-1230 printer [1]

I tried some HP Deskjet printers to use with my 8-bit Commodore and Amiga computers. Only one did work on an Amiga. For the 8-bit computers I had a serial to parallel interface, but it seems that it's dead.

I found a Commodore MPS-1230 9-needle printer that has both serial and parallel interfaces. I did not yet receive this printer and I will keep you informed if it works.

Worn out CV-joints T3 [1]

Recently we went to Turkey with our T3. It's a long trip from where we live and when we got back, we had driven for 13.500 km. When we entered Turkey, we heard a strange noise from the right rear wheel. I looked under the car and moved the right drive axle in and out. It produced the same noise. We still managed to drive for 10.000 km to get back home. Only once we heard the noise again. While still in Turkey we asked for information at the T3 forum. It was quite clear that a worn out CV-joint would be the problem. So I ordered two SKF CV-joints and we will see if these indeed prove to be the cause.