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Amiga CDTV Monitor [1]

I have a complete setup of an Amiga CDTV with keyboard, diskdrive, mouse and monitor, all in black color. When I switched the set and monitor on to test the newly acquired keyboard I heard a big bang. And there was no picture on the display. I fear it has some part blown up so I opened her up and I found the reason of the big bang:

An electrolytic capacitor has exploded.

As this monitor didn't produce a nice picture I will try to swap the inner parts with a beige monitor of (almost) the same type.

To be continued.

CDTV Keyboard

This week I was lucky. I spotted an Amiga CDTV keyboard at the local online marketplace, UK layout.  Price € 10,00 only! I couldn't resist buying it and it arrived yesterday. After testing I immediately posted it on Amibay for € 75,00 and it went within the hour.

Volvo B16A Ignition Vacuum Advance Unit

Everyone who has a Volvo with B16A engine should know this: if you need a new vacuum advance unit for your ignition Bosch VJU4BR20, Volvo partnumber 233746, there is only one seller in the whole world that (at the moment) sells this item NOS. He is from Cyprus.

Grab one before you are forced to use an electronic ignition.

Commodore MPS-1230 printer [3]

I did some tests with a Commodore 128. It prints listings fine. Printing from GEOS works good, even graphical prints. The aspect ratio is off, but that may be a driver problem. Printing from GEOS in NLQ leaves out all spaces. Will also be a driver problem I guess.

All in all I am very pleased with the MPS-1230.

Commodore MPS-1230 printer [2]

The printer arrived today. It does the selftest, but the needles sometimes stick. After a few selftests this was resolved. Now I don't get any characters on paper because the ribbon is dry. The supplied spare one is dry also. So the next step is to get some good inkribbons!

To temporarily revive the ribbon I used some WD40 as stated on some websites and I can confirm that this does work!

Found these ribbons at the online Staples store. It's the same ribbon as for the Olivetti DM 100 printer. The Olivetti product id. is 82556. So I ordered three of these.