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Vampire 600: Amiga 600 FPGA Accelerator

Majsta has made a fine new Amiga 600 accelerator. It has no CPU but emulates an 680x0 CPU through an FPGA. The card has it's flaws but the core of the FPGA can be updated. It also is open source so other people are trying to improve the core. We will see if that works out.

I have core V1.0 installed. It emulates an 68020 processor and 64MB Fast RAM. Some programs don't work but it's exciting to see new hardware developed.

This accelerator is put together and sold by kipper2k.

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  • Leo

    18-1-2015 11:43:02 |

    I must have broken something because the A600 AND the Vampire are faulty. Tested the Vampire in a second A600.
    I was contacted by the designer of the Vampire after opening a thread on English Amiga Board forum. Through Skype we tried to fix the issue but unfortunately that didn't work. There probably is a short somewhere in the Vampire board. Maybe caused by touching wrong pins while the A600 was switched on. So be careful!
    I will now send the Vampire to kipper2k. He offered to try to fix it.

  • Leo

    22-2-2015 21:28:38 |

    I got the Vampire back from Brian and it works fine again. Two memory chips were faulty.

    • majsta

      18-3-2015 14:50:57 |

      To correct one thing, those two chips that were dead are not memory chips. They are used for CMOS <=> LVCMOS translation. Memory chip is located near FPGA, right side.

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