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Replace battery from Amiga 4000

The battery of my Amiga 4000D is 8 years old. I replaced it in 2006 when the original battery failed and made some damage to the mainboard. That's why you can see a wire from the upper to the backside of the mainboard.

So I thought it's time to prevent damage again by replacing the battery at this time.

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  • Zinamo

    15-1-2015 23:15:48 |

    I was just looking for some info on the kipper's CF adapter when I found your blog, very nice! I just noticed that you replaced the battery on an A4000.. Well, I'm a vintage collector too and I can say those batteries are lethal killer for a lot of retro hardware! So my question is, why didn't you install a lithium coin battery? They are not perfect but surely less leaky than Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh barrel type batteries.. you only need a battery holder with a small diode to avoid charging the battery...

    • Leo

      16-1-2015 10:39:44 |

      I have a tag on the outside of each Amiga. It shows the date of battery replacement. So I can replace it again before it may become dangerous.

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