I ordered a memory expansion from Go4Retro. This device has 8MB flash space. Enough to store all games ever published for the VIC-20. I flashed an image with most games and some utilities, available on the maker's website. This image of about 4MB took 3 hours to flash. Of course this is done on the VIC itself. You can use sjload to speed up it a bit.

The expansion allows you to flash your own "cartridges" and customize it completely.


The PSU of my VIC-20 died and so I had to find a new one. As my VIC has a two-prong connector this is more hard to find. Searching the internet I came across this forum-thread on Denial. It says that a two-prong PSU is nothing more than a transformer with a fuse. All logic is inside the VIC. It tells you can even use a simple AC/DC adapter with an output of somewhere between 9 and 12V, 3A.

So I cut the two-prong cable from the old PSU and soldered it to the output lead of a 12V 2A AC/DC adapter and the result is perfect.


Over the years I have acquired a lot of Commodore machines. As I get older and older I asked myself what to do with them. My children and grandchildren are not interested in these old machines. So I decided to sell a lot of them and only keep a few. Those that I want to keep for the time being are:

  • A4000D with Cyberstorm II 060, Cybergraphics 64/3D and X-surf 100
  • A1000 with A1060 Sidecar
  • A600 with Vampire V2
  • A500 (my original first Amiga ever)
  • VIC-20
  • Commodore C-128D with RAM expansion

I sold already my A3000D, one A600 and several C-64 and Commodore 264 series machines as well as my complete CDTV-setup. I have an A2000 with GVP 030 accelerator/SCSI, Picasso II and 2286 Bridgeboard and an A500plus still for sale.

I switched to the extraordinary MiniBlog Core made by Mads Kristensen. It is an utter lightweight and fast blog, made in ASP.NET Core. I like it very much and will try to customize the looks as soon as I have grasped how to do that.

The migration wasn't very difficult because Mads made a utility that converts BlogEngine posts to MiniBlog posts. Genious!

Some posts might not be chronological but I don't think that's a big deal.